Vivienne Faraday has been in a persistent vegetative state, looked after in a Home, for years. How can she suddenly be pregnant? Who should decide what happens to her unborn child? What is in her best interests? She cannot speak for herself. Her family, the medical team who care for her, the police investigating the crime, all have different interests, values and opinions on the best way forward. When Geoff Archibald receives anonymous letters saying his wife, who lies insentient in the room next to Viv, has also been molested, he has his own reasons for keeping the matter quiet. But events gather a momentum of their own; DNA tests unearth secrets; suspects reveal information; families face truths which challenge the rights of individuals to choose what happens to those closest to them.

This thrilling tale of crime and passion takes the reader into a twilight world where the unconscious patient becomes a pawn in a game, where other people must make medical and moral choices on her behalf, choices beset with uncertainty but nevertheless profoundly affecting their own relationships and futures.

ISBN 1 85775 651 7
Paperback, 198 pages; also available as an ebook
Published by Radcliffe Publishing

“Hazel McHaffie interweaves a scintillating web of medical ethics reflections into her exciting whodunnit. Highly recommended both for the whodunnit and for the reflections.” Raanan Gillon

“I enjoyed Vacant Possession. What a tangled web! Enough angles to keep even the best ethical mind going for a week or two.” Geoff Watts