Dr Justin Blaydon-Green is used to controversy and challenge – he’s the Director of The Pemberton Centre for Reproductive Medicine. Things are going well for him. His team are strong, success rates are increasing, they’ve never been more in demand. Then disaster strikes.

Samuel and Candice Opakanjo have waited fifteen years for a baby. Now, thanks to Justin, they have twins. Only, one of the twins is coffee-coloured; the parents are both black Nigerians. There’s a major inquiry.

In the middle of all this unrest, Yasmeen and Karim Zair arrive seeking a controversial treatment. They have a 4-year old son, Sebastian, who has an incurable blood disorder. His only hope lies in stem cells from a matched donor – a saviour sibling. But will the gatekeepers allow it?

The team are in meltdown. The senior embryologist in charge of the internal inquiry is incensed at the waste of his precious research time, and upsetting his colleagues. One of the lab technicians is behaving suspiciously. Staff begin mysteriously leaving. The authorities lean more heavily. A newspaper reporter starts sniffing around. Justin’s own daughter gets mixed up with some militant pro-life campaigners.

Just how far will everyone go to get what they want?

"Problems in medical ethics are not just for doctors but for everyone.  Hazel McHaffie has found a way to bring them before a wide public. You are gripped from the very beginning of her latest novel, but as you turn the pages, you are compelled to think about the issues. It is an excellent formula." Dame Mary Warnock

ISBN-10: 1906817871, ISBN-13: 978-1906817879
Paperback, 219 pages; also available as an ebook
Published by Luath Press

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