It was during the Second World War that Doris Mannering made the choice that changed the course of her family’s life. She has kept the evidence of her actions hidden for sixty years but now the secret is in danger of being revealed with untold consequences. For, with the onset of Alzheimer’s, her mind is wandering. She is haunted by the feeling that she must find the papers before it’s too late, but where did she put them? When she eventually goes into residential care they are still not found.

Jessica is driven to despair by her mother’s endless searching, so once Doris is safe in the home, it’s a relief to be able to set about methodically clearing the house. But she is unprepared for the bittersweet memories she unravels and the growing realisation that Doris knew she was slipping away from reality. Her son, James, and her lawyer lover, Aaron, offer support and encouragement until Aaron reveals a deception which casts doubt on everything she has always believed in.

This is a tale of triumph over adversity, of love and loyalty, and tenderness regained.

ISBN (10) 1 906817 29 4 ISBN (13) 978 1 906817 29 9
Paperback, 219 pages
Published by Luath Press

“Hazel McHaffie has an extraordinary ability to create the convincing inner voice of a person with severe dementia. The result is often both funny and poignant. She raises emotional and ethical issues not as theoretical ‘thin’ cases, as are so often used in teaching in medical ethics, but within the richly characterised world of the novel. This makes Remember Remember a valuable resource for teachers and students of healthcare ethics. These ethical issues, however, are a natural part of the story and the novel is a good read from start to finish whether or not you have an interest in medical ethics.” Tony Hope

“This moving book will resonate with anyone who has ‘lost’ a loved one through the living death of Alzheimer’s.” Sir Cliff Richard, OBE
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