Declan Robertson is instantly drawn to Judy Burrows when he meets her by chance on a railway station. When she agrees to marry him his happiness is complete. But from the first night of their marriage cracks appear in their relationship which threaten his peace of mind. It takes time and patience but eventually she reveals information about the demons which haunt her. Just when things are starting to settle down for them tragedy strikes: a child dies. The questions which follow unravel a past which rocks their security to its foundations. Who are they? What have they inherited? What are they passing on to future generations? This intriguing story of love and deception challenges the morality of what is done in the name of infertility treatment today and exposes dilemmas and conflicts which society must address.

ISBN 1 85775 652 5
Paperback, 236 pages; also available as an ebook
Published by Radcliffe Publishing

“…medical-ethical-romantic – an entirely new genre for fiction and an absorbing and fascinating one too.” Fay Weldon