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This was our first publication. We look forward to bringing you more in the series.
Over my Dead Body
This novel explores the ethical issues around organ donation and transplantation.
When young widow Elvira Kennedy and her daughter are fatally injured in a car crash, a stranger appears at Elvira’s bedside in Intensive Care, claiming to be her new boyfriend. He insists that she wanted to donate her organs. Her mother, Carole, is shocked by this revelation. How can she agree to donation knowing what she knows: a dark secret the family have kept hidden for over thirty years? If it emerges it could shatter all their lives. But eventually guilt at opposing Elvira’s dying wish overrides her fear of betrayal.
She finds comfort in the letters from recipients whose lives Elvira has saved, until a poem written by a young man threatens the safeguards preserving everyone’s anonymity, with potentially devastating consequences.

Discussion points suitable for bookclubs are available
ISBN 978-0-9926231-0-4