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This is our second publication. We look forward to bringing you more in the series.
Inside of Me
Victor Grayson adores his 8-year-old daughter, India, so why does he vanish leaving only a neatly folded pile of clothes on a windy beach? India is devastated and bargains with God: I’ll stop eating chocolate if you send my Daddy back to me. Now 15 and seriously anorexic, she’s convinced that she heard his voice on a crowded London station, and sets out to track him down. Isolated and overwhelmed, her mother, Tonya, succumbs to gnawing doubts about the man she thought she knew. Who exactly was he? What dark secrets were haunting him? Could he be involved in the disappearance of three teenage girls? The revelation when it comes is much more challenging than Tonya ever dreamed of. This book will resonate with everyone who has ever agonised over their own body image or identity, and any parent who must learn to relinquish control to their child.

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