The Halleys are a close, successful, loving family. But when identical twins, Nicholas and Michael, fall in love with the same girl, tensions arise across two generations. Relationships become increasingly complex when the twins marry, and darker secrets and hidden emotions are revealed when an unplanned pregnancy and a surrogacy arrangement lead to discoveries which challenge their moral values and jeopardize their happiness. This gripping story probes beneath society’s superficial acceptance of fertility treatment, revealing the potential for pain, distorted relationships, and far-reaching consequences, both medical and moral.

ISBN 1 85775 669
Paperback, 258 pages
Published by Radcliffe Publishing; Also available as an ebook

“These two books are outrageous and you must buy them at once… Quite how the author manages to include donor insemination, child abuse, infertility stigma, genetics, surrogacy, PGD, mental illness and medical ethics into two narratively linked romantic tragedies I am not literary enough to know, but she does so in a readable and uncontrived way.” Journal of Fertility Counselling